Whether we like it or not, getting older can bring many lifestyle changes. Mobility is often one of those things. Accepting the use of disability mobility aids like canes, walkers, wheelchairs, or scooters can be difficult but they greatly improve daily life by giving you more freedom and independence. 

 In general, it’s best to consult with your GP before deciding to use a mobility device for the first time. This also is true if you want to transition from one type of mobility device to another. It ensures that you are using the proper mobility aids for your particular needs.

 There are some undeniable signs that you may need a mobility device to help you move around more freely.  Keep reading to learn the signs to look for.

Five Signs That You Might Need a Mobility Aid in Your Life        

1.    Frequent falls

2.    Constant Fatigue

3.    Missing Out on Social Gatherings or Outings

4.    Pain when doing daily activities

5.    Difficulty walking and standing

Other Reasons You May Need a Mobility Device


Serious injuries can limit your ability to engage in normal day-to-day activities or even move around. This is the case if you have broken hips, a broken back, broken limbs, or an internal injury.  These conditions can make it challenging to do chores, reach for items, walk, or stand. Power wheelchairs, scooters, and lifting chairs can help you get around a bit easier. You may be experiencing a temporary challenge with mobility in which case you’ll only need to rent a disability aid temporarily.

It may not be easy to convince a loved one that they need help with simple, daily routines, but pointing out the above signs may help them understand that they are in need of assistance. They do not have to lose their independence and freedom if they invest in mobility devices to help them get around. Even something as simple as a cane can greatly increase well-being, happiness, and independence. For our customers with mobility challenges, we make it easy for you to rent disability aids in Longfield at Hodgson Pharmacy. We also have branches in Dartford and Gravesend.