Getting a complete blood count test is the best way to get a snapshot of your overall health. Whether your healthcare provider has prescribed blood tests to diagnose an illness, or you want to check for potential health conditions such as vitamin deficiencies, private blood tests can be easily arranged at Hodgson Pharmacy. Private full blood tests in London are a convenient and affordable way to monitor your health.

When you opt for a private blood test in the UK, you can say good-bye to long waits for an appointment and test results. There’s no doubt about it, blood tests at a private clinic in London such as Hodgson Pharmacy are a great way to get an immediate appointment and to get accurate and timely results from your blood test. Private blood screenings are definitely worth it.

Here are some of the private blood tests that Hodgson Pharmacy offers.

Private Thyroid Test

Getting a private thyroid test in the UK is a quick and simple procedure. A thyroid function test measures the hormone levels of thyroxine (T4) and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) in the blood.

Private Pregnancy Blood Test

Blood tests can detect pregnancy much sooner than over-the-counter urine tests. The results are accurate as compared to the risk of false positive or false negatives.

Private Hormone Blood Test

A blood test is one of the most popular ways to measure the hormone levels in your body. This test can detect oestrogen, thyroid levels, testosterone, and cortisol levels.

Private Liver Function Test

A liver function blood test monitors the health of your liver by identifying the presence of the SGPT enzyme. High levels can be a sign of hepatitis, jaundice, and liver disorders.

Private Blood Tests in London at Hodgson Pharmacy

Book your test in Gravesend at Hodgson Pharmacy today for reliable results. Our private blood test booking is as simple as visiting our website, selecting your blood test type, and then choosing the location, date, and time that works best for you.