As airlines and countries continue to reintroduce travel, a lot of people are going on business trips, and rebooking all of the family holidays that have been cancelled over the past year or so. However, we know that with current restrictions you may be worried about having to buy Covid tests, alongside your usual travel costs. That’s why we are offering a comprehensive selection of Covid Tests for travel in Longfield, Dartford.

Our main priority is to keep you safe and save you money, so you can focus on what’s important – spending valuable time away.

Why do I need Covid Tests for Travel?

Due to the release of the Government’s red, amber and green travel lists, travel regulations may vary across countries and airlines. Therefore, it is important to stay up-to-date with guidance from the Government and Foreign Office websites in advance of your trip. We also recommend that you book in with us as soon as you can, to avoid getting caught out before your flight.

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Which tests do I need for the different travel lists?

If you are unsure of which tests you will need for each destination, don’t worry. We have included each tier below so that you can plan your trip in advance:

Red List

You should not travel to the countries or territories on this list. If you are arriving into the UK from a red list country, you are required to take a Covid test. You are also required to book your quarantine hotel package. This is where you will carry out your mandatory isolation period when you return. You must also book two Covid tests, to be taken on day 2 and day 8 of your isolation. You also need to fill out a passenger locator form.

Amber List

You should also not travel to countries and territories on the amber list. If you are returning to the UK from said countries you must take a Covid test. Also, you should book day 2 and 8 tests for the days following your arrival. Additionally, you are required to fill out your passenger locator form. When you arrive you must isolate at home, or in one location, for 10 days, as well as taking your day 2 and 8 tests.

Green List

If you are looking to book a holiday, you are permitted to travel to green list countries. Before you travel back to the UK, you must take a Covid test, as well as booking your day 2 test in advance. You are also required to fill out a passenger locator form, however you do not need to isolate or take a day 8 test.

If any of your tests come back positive, you are required to follow current government guidelines regarding self-isolation.

Our Covid Tests for Travel in Longfield, Dartford


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We have partnered with Medicspot to offer fully UKAS-accredited PCR testing along every stage of your journey. Our tests offer efficient 48 hour results guarantees to get you to whichever destination you require, safely. We also offer all of the testing you need upon your return, as well as the opportunity end isolation on day 5 with Test to Release.

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