Flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses. And, flu vaccines protect us from the potentially serious complications that can arise from flu infections. With every jab, the flu vaccine strengthens our immune system to fight off the virus.

However, flu vaccines do more than just prevent illness, they protect us against the serious and sometimes life-threatening complications that can come with the flu. In this blog, we’ll explore the importance of flu vaccines and their different types.

Why Getting a Flu Vaccine is Important?

When it comes to fighting the flu, getting vaccinated is important as vaccines protect ourselves from getting sick and help us stay healthy. Here are a few reasons why flu vaccines are crucial-

  1. Protecting Yourself- By getting vaccinated, you significantly reduce your risk of contracting the flu and experiencing its unpleasant symptoms, such as fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, and fatigue.
  2. Protecting Others- Vaccination also helps in preventing the spread of flu to those who may be more vulnerable, such as elderly people, young children, pregnant women, and people with certain underlying health conditions.
  3. Reducing Severity- Even if you do get the flu after being vaccinated, the severity and duration of the illness are often milder compared to those who haven’t received the vaccine.

Who is Eligible for NHS Flu Vaccination?

You can receive the free NHS flu vaccine if you-

  • Are aged 65 or older
  • Have specific chronic health conditions
  • Are pregnant
  • Are residents of care homes
  • Are primary caregivers for elderly or disabled persons, or recipients of carer’s allowance
  • Are residing with people having weakened immune systems

What are the 3 Types of Flu Vaccines?

Flu vaccines are tailored to different age groups and health conditions. Here are the 3 main types of flu vaccines

Vaccines for people aged 65 and over-

  • Adjuvanted quadrivalent influenza vaccine
  • Supemtek quadrivalent influenza vaccine
  • Cell-based quadrivalent influenza vaccine

Vaccines for people aged 18 to 64-

  • Cell-based quadrivalent influenza vaccine
  • Supemtek quadrivalent influenza vaccine
  • Quadrivalent influenza vaccine
  • Influvac sub-unit tetra quadrivalent influenza vaccine

Where Can I Find a Private Flu Vaccination Near Me?

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Flu vaccination is a simple yet effective way to protect yourself and your loved ones from the seasonal flu.

Whether you are eligible for NHS vaccination or need a private service, prioritising flu vaccination is a proactive step towards a healthier future.

Get in touch with us to know more about the availability of flu vaccines.