There is a common belief that cotton swabs are the perfect tool to remove ear wax, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The labels on the packaging even state that cotton swabs shouldn’t be used to clean the inner ear. Instead of removing ear wax, it actually pushes wax further into the ear canal.

So, if you can’t use cotton swabs to remove ear wax safely, how are you supposed to clean your ears? In this article, we’ll explain the safest methods for ear wax removal.

Why Do You Need To Remove Earwax?

While earwax provides many useful benefits, having too much of it can cause build-up and ear canal blockage. Your body can overproduce earwax leading to this blockage, but buildup can also be caused by using things like earbuds, hearing aids, or earplugs. Excessive ear wax can cause temporary hearing loss, dizziness, and earaches, so it’s important for it to be removed in an effective and safe way to avoid serious complications.


Try Ear Irrigation Syringe at Home

The basic procedure of ear irrigation is to use a bulb-shaped ear syringe for ear irrigation in conjunction with an earwax softener. First, use an earwax softener for a few days. After that, fill the syringe with a saline solution or warm water to flush out the earwax in your inner canal. If this isn’t successful at clearing ear wax build-up, visit a specialist to safely remove it.

Have A Professional Remove Excessive Earwax Build-up

The safest way to remove earwax is to have a professional do it using the best methods which include irrigation, micro-suction, or endoscopic earwax removal. Medical professionals know the safest way to remove any blockages caused by ear wax, and they have the best tools to help them do it.

If you develop an earache or hearing issues, you could have earwax build-up in your ear. Schedule a visit with one of our ear care specialists at Hodgson Pharmacy online for ear wax removal in Gravesend, Longfield, Dartford.

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