Struggling to understand what the person next to you is saying? Having to turn the television all the way up? If you are experiencing symptoms such as hearing troubles and dizziness, this could suggest an excessive earwax build-up. Usually, this is nothing to be concerned about; we have put together this guide to earwax removal in Longfield, Dartford.

How do I know if I have an earwax build-up?

Normally, an excessive earwax build-up can be shown through the following symptoms:

  • Earache
  • Dizziness
  • Tinnitus
  • Itchiness
  • Difficulty hearing
  • An ear infection

You can find a list of further symptoms on the NHS website.

Why do I have an earwax build-up?

You can have an excessive amount of earwax due to varying environmental factors. These include:

  • A natural tendency towards having a larger quantity of earwax
  • Objects such as earplugs and hearing aids that are inserted into the ear. This is because they can push wax further into the ears.
  • Having hairy or narrow ear canals.
  • Ageing, as your wax becomes harder and finds it more difficult to fall out as you get older.

What should I NOT do to remove earwax?

You should never try and use your fingers, or objects such as cotton buds, in an attempt to remove earwax. This is because these methods are counterproductive, pushing the wax further in. This will in turn worsen the blockage. Similarly, there is no evidence to suggest the effectiveness of methods such as vacuums and ear candles in terms of earwax removal.

What are the safe methods of earwax removal in Longfield, Dartford?

At-home removal

Ordinarily, your earwax will fall out on its own. However, if you begin to notice any of the symptoms above, there are ways to ease your discomfort. One home remedy that is great for softening your earwax before a microsuction appointment is to use olive oil. Applying 2-3 drops of olive oil in the affected ear(s) twice a day for a few days will encourage the wax to drop out. Following this, clumps of earwax should begin to fall out of your ear within 2 weeks, especially when you are lying down during the night.

Our earwax removal service


Consultation fee (no wax): £20

Microsuction for one ear: £50

Microsuction for two ears: £80

Within the 3-5 days prior to your appointment, we would recommend applying oil twice a day to soften the wax. If the wax is too hard to remove and you have not done so, you may still be required to pay in full. You will pay for your appointment in-store beforehand.

During your appointment

We will begin with an initial consultation to determine the cause of your discomfort. This will include taking a comprehensive medical history, as well as an examination of your ear canals. The appointment will be carried out by a qualified Microsuction practitioner; you will be referred for treatment if any issues are highlighted. However, a build-up of wax is the most common cause of any discomfort you may be experiencing.

Your earwax removal will be carried out using Ear Microsuction. This merely involves the insertion of a low-pressure suction probe into your ear. The procedure is completely painless; it is the most efficient way of removing excessive earwax. It is also considered to be the safest earwax removal method. However, any procedure comes with an element of risk; your practitioner will go through potential risks with you to make sure you are aware.

You can find further information regarding our Microsuction testing procedure, including a list of FAQs, below.

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