Achieving a healthier lifestyle is common among the New Year’s resolutions in January. Below are some practical and essential health tips that can enable you to become healthier this year. This includes how to quit smoking in Longfield, Dartford, and other vital health tips.

Here are ways to kick-start your journey to a healthier you & quit smoking in Longfield, Dartford

Eat a healthy diet

Adults should eat at least five portions of fruits and vegetables every day. You can eat a combination of different foods, including vegetables, fruit, nuts, whole grains and legumes. You can increase your fruit and vegetable intake by eating them as snacks and adding them to your meals.

Minimise the intake of harmful fats & cholesterol

To avoid unwanted weight gain and non-communicable diseases, the amount of fats you consume should be less than 30% of your total energy intake. Try looking for unsaturated fats rather than saturated and trans-fats.

Drink alcohol responsibly & quit smoking in Longfield, Dartford

Alcohol intake can result in health complications like mental and behavioural disorders and major NCDs like cancer, liver cirrhosis and heart conditions. Drinking alcohol in moderation can minimise the risk of getting these complications.

Stay physically active

Physical activities include exercises and other activities that include bodily movements undertaken while playing, working or doing household chores.

Get vaccinated

Vaccination is considered among the most effective ways of keeping diseases away. Vaccines work hand in hand with your body’s immune system to build protection against illnesses such as cholera, cervical cancer, hepatitis B, diphtheria, measles, influenza, pneumonia, rabies, polio, mumps, tetanus, yellow fever, rubella and typhoid.

It’s important to also get vaccinated against the flu to offer you the protection you need as you plan to stay healthy this year. You can get the vaccine every year just to ensure that you are safe during autumn and winter when the flu spreads the most.

Clean your hands properly

Keeping your hands clean is not only necessary for health workers but everyone at large. Most infectious diseases can be avoided just by maintaining hand hygiene. You can use soap and water to wash your hands or use alcohol-based products.  

how to quit smoking Longfield Dartford

Stop Smoking (Learn how to quit smoking in Longfield, Dartford)

Stopping smoking is one of the best ways of minimising the chances of getting cardiovascular diseases and dying prematurely. There are many benefits of quitting smoking; these include breaking the addiction cycle, boosting your immune system, improving your smell and taste, gaining more energy and better blood circulation.

Go for check-ups regularly

Going for check-ups on a regular basis can help solve health problems in their earliest stages.

Why is it important to stay healthy & quit smoking in Longfield, Dartford?

It helps you live happy and longer

Your life can be extended by up to 14 years just by not smoking, avoiding alcohol, exercising regularly, and maintaining a healthy diet.

Feel positive about yourself

Living a healthy lifestyle can improve your self-esteem and boost your confidence.

Control your stress & learn how to quit smoking in Longfield, Dartford

According to the NHS, people who live a healthy lifestyle have lower stress and anxiety levels. This is also the case for people who stop smoking.

Improve your sight

Many people across the globe may not be aware of this, but a healthy and proper diet can protect your eyesight. Regular cardiovascular exercises can also improve our vision as we get older.

how to quit smoking Longfield Dartford

Become a good example

Living a healthy lifestyle and doing regular exercises will make you a good example to the people around you. Your children and grandchildren are more likely to follow in your footsteps if they see you eating healthily and exercising.

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