International travel increases your chances of getting and spreading diseases that are rare or not found in the UK and other modern westernized countries. If you are travelling to a high-risk country, you may need to get certain vaccinations and medication to prevent serious diseases and travel-related sicknesses. Find out which travel vaccinations you may need to help you stay healthy on your trip.

If you need travel medicine and vaccinations before you leave on your trip, keep reading to learn what you need and where you can go to get it.

High-Risk Countries

If you’re travelling outside of the UK, be sure to include a visit to our Hodgson Pharmacy Travel Clinic in Kent, Longfield, Dartford, or Gravesend for your travel vaccines, travel medicines, and Fit for Travel Certificate, especially if you are visiting high-risk countries such as those listed below where certain contagious diseases are more common.

High-risk countries include:

  • Central America – Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama
  • South America – Peru, Brazil, Ecuador
  • Africa – Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya
  • West Asia – Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey 
  • East Asia – India, Thailand, China

Before Travel

Before you travel, make sure your routine vaccines are all up to date. Routine vaccinations protect you from contagious diseases such as Typhoid that can spread quickly in groups of unvaccinated people. Many diseases prevented by routine vaccination are not common in the UK but are still common in other countries. Many diseases, such as Yellow Fever, Typhoid, and Hepatitis, are preventable simply through vaccination.

Make an appointment with our Travel Clinic at least one month before you leave. We can advise you about getting the appropriate destination-specific vaccines, medicines, and information. Discussing travellers’ health as well as your itinerary and planned activities with our clinicians allows them to give more specific advice and recommendations.

Since some vaccines require more than one dose, you should see your healthcare provider as soon as possible. Hodgson Pharmacy provides travel vaccinations in Dartford or at our other locations in Bexley, Kent, or Gravesend.

If you need Malaria pills, they must be started before you travel. Make sure you take the recommended medicines as directed before, during, and after travel (as applicable).

List of Vaccines

Here is a list of possible vaccines that you may need to get as a booster or for the first time before you travel.

·         COVID-19

·         Chickenpox

·         Cholera

·         Flu (Influenza)

·         Hepatitis A

·         Hepatitis B

·         Japanese encephalitis

·         MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)

·         Meningococcal

·         Pneumococcal

·         Polio

·         Rabies

·         Shingles

·         Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis)

·         Typhoid

·         Yellow fever

Obtain Medicine to Treat Illnesses for travel:

Depending on where you are travelling, it may also be helpful to bring certain medications to prevent travel-related illness, such as:

·         Dengue Fever Prevention

·         Malaria Prevention

·         Traveller’s Diarrhoea Prevention

·         Destination-Specific Medicine

·         Motion Sickness

·         Zika Virus

Hodgson Pharmacy Travel Clinic is patient-focused and offers easy access to a wide range of Travel Clinic services and medications. This includes all travel vaccinations and Antimalarials. Visit our travel clinic to get your travel vaccinations in Gravesend, Kent, or Dartford.