If you’re dealing with earwax buildup, it’s important to clear it as soon as possible. If not, it may eventually lead to a more serious condition like hearing loss, tinnitus, and pressure or pain in the ear.

Microsuction earwax removal, sometimes referred to as ear vacuuming, is the most common and safest type of earwax removal used by healthcare providers. During the ear Microsuction procedure, a long, thin nozzle is used to fit in your ear to suction out the wax.

Let’s break down all the details you need to know and the benefits of Microsuction ear cleaning.

 What is Microsuction Ear Cleaning?

Microsuction ear cleaning is a simple, painless, safe, and effective procedure that removes earwax buildup from your ear canal.

Ear wax removal using Microsuction is administered by specially trained pharmacists. The Microsuction process can make some people feel dizzy during the procedure, but this usually passes quickly. If you are having the procedure done on both ears, it will take around 30 minutes.

Some people may experience dizziness and temporary hearing loss. More severe side effects such as infection or eardrum damage are rare.

Benefits of Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

Benefits of Ear Wax Removal Using Microsuction

Compared to other types of wax removal such as ear drops, syringing, or irrigation – the benefits of Microsuction include:

·         Safer

·         Quicker

·         Cleaner

·         Generally better tolerated, with fewer side effects

·         Ear wax buildup can be removed in just one visit

·         Doesn’t need weeks of waiting for drops to soften the wax

Other Safe Ways to Clean Your Ears

You should always seek the professional assistance of your doctor to remove earwax. It is not advisable to do it yourself as it may cause damage to the ear canal.

A doctor can use any of the methods below to remove ear wax:

  • Earwax softeners
  • Ear irrigation
  • Manual removal

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