Hodgson Pharmacy partners with Medichecks lab which allows us a full range of services including private blood testing in Longfield, Dartford, and Gravesend.

This service is complete with easy-to-view results and advice from qualified healthcare providers at Hodgson Pharmacy.

From nutrition and hormones to diabetes and cholesterol, with everything from individual markers like hormones and vitamins, to full comprehensive health checks, we offer different types of blood tests for everyone.

So, whether you want to check your risk of something that runs in the family, monitor a condition, or optimize your fitness and health, Hodgson Pharmacy has the blood test for you.


Private blood tests

Get private blood testing in Longfield, Dartford, and Gravesend through Hodgson Pharmacy. We have a wide range of blood tests available privately that can be ordered online after which you come into the Hodgson Pharmacy nearest you to have a blood sample collected by a phlebotomist.

Routine Blood Tests

Common lab tests include a routine blood test that your doctor is most likely to order to investigate a wide range of symptoms and conditions to determine the best treatment for your condition.

The two main components of a routine venous blood test are a hematology profile and a biochemistry profile that may measure the levels of one (or more) of the items below. 

·         Haematology profile

·         Red Blood Cells

·         White Blood Cells

·         Clotting Cells

·         Biochemistry profile

·         Liver Function Test (LFTs)

·         Kidney function

·         Proteins

·         Uric acid

·         Diabetes

·         Lipid profile (cholesterol test)

·         Iron status

·         Bone health

Other Blood Tests Available at Hodgson Pharmacy

There are many other types of blood tests that look at markers of health and different body systems, including:

·         Endocrinology

·         Immunology

·         Microbiology

·         Diagnostic

·         Monitoring

·         Optimising

Other reasons why people have blood tests include:

·         To investigate a family history

·         To understand their health risks

·         To optimize their nutrition

·         To optimize their sports performance

·         To understand their fertility

·         For occupational reasons (immunity tests and exposure to work-related toxins)

Here at Hodgson Pharmacy, we are passionate about serving the community, which is why we do convenient blood testing in Gravesend, Longfield, and Dartford.