There’s a reason blood testing is one of the most requested tests by healthcare providers for people who are not feeling good. Blood testing can be used to detect anything from low hemoglobin to more serious health problems like high cholesterol, heart disease, and thyroid problems. Knowing your risks as soon as possible can boost your chances of having a long and happy life.

The highly trained specialists and clinicians at Hodgson Pharmacy can carry out a wide range of private blood testing in Kent as well as their other branches servicing Dartford, Gravesend, Longfield, Bexley, and Medway.

Types of Private Blood Testing

Complete Blood Count (CBC) Test

A Complete Blood Count (CBC) test is a valuable diagnostic method to check your current health and well-being. It can detect a wide range of diseases and disorders such as thyroid issues, vitamin deficiencies, and many more. Even if you are healthy, CBC blood testing can give you a detailed snapshot of your current health status.

Cholesterol Check

If you are overweight or over the age of 45, you may have a higher risk of having high cholesterol (aka hypertension). People with high cholesterol usually don’t experience any symptoms, so the only way to know if your levels are too high is through blood testing.

Prostate Profile Blood Test

The risk for prostate problems or prostate cancer tends to rise in men as they get older. A prostate profile, or PSA test, is a type of blood test that can determine if you have higher than normal levels, which can be a sign of prostate problems.

Blood Sugar Test

A blood glucose test is a blood test that is used to screen for diabetes. It measures the glucose (sugar) levels in your blood.

Other Types of Private Blood Testing at Hodgson Pharmacy

·         Iron Test

·         Well Woman Test

·         Well Man Test

·         Thyroid Function

·         STI Testing

·         Liver Function

·         Heart Health Profile

For fast, reliable, and convenient private blood testing in Dartford, Kent, Gravesend, Longfield, Bexley, and Medway, contact Hodgson Pharmacy. You can also easily book an appointment online. No matter what your health concern is, Hodgson Pharmacy is here to help.