Early detection of high cholesterol can help prevent serious health conditions such as heart disease from developing. Regular cholesterol blood tests can determine if an individual has high blood pressure and if medical treatment or lifestyle changes are needed to manage cholesterol levels.

High cholesterol causes fatty deposits in the arteries, the heart then has to work harder to pump blood through the body. This leads to heart disease, stroke, or heart attack. Since high cholesterol doesn’t cause any physical symptoms, the only way to diagnose high cholesterol is to take a cholesterol blood test.

Your healthcare provider and many other facilities in the UK offer routine cholesterol blood tests.

Causes of High Cholesterol

Typical causes of high cholesterol are:

•          Poor diet

•          Lack of exercise

•          Obesity

•          Diabetes

•          Smoking cigarettes

•          Family history

Where Can I Get a Cholesterol Test Near Me?

If you want to know where to get a cholesterol test, check out the list below.

GP Surgery

You can be tested for cholesterol with your GP or the practice nurse. The NHS offers free cholesterol tests to everyone aged between 40 and 74 as a part of your regular NHS Health Check.

Local Pharmacy

Schedule an appointment at your local, including Hodgson Pharmacy in South London, to get fast results from your cholesterol test.

Health Clinics

Most health clinics in the UK that offer full healthcare services, also offer cholesterol testing.

At-Home Test Kits

At-home cholesterol test kits are a convenient and effective way to test and monitor your cholesterol level without having to visit your GP. Instead of waiting for days or weeks to get your cholesterol test results, the cholesterol test kit can give you results in just a few minutes. Home test kits are available both online and at most pharmacies.

Can I Get a Cholesterol Test at A Pharmacy?

Hodgson Pharmacy is a full-service pharmacy offering a wide range of healthcare services including cholesterol blood tests, vaccination, blood pressure testing, and many more.

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