Measuring your blood pressure regularly is important, especially because it helps prevent diseases such as hypotension (low blood pressure) and hypertension (high blood pressure), which can cause serious health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, and heart attack.

Getting a blood pressure check is convenient and fast which makes it easy to do on a regular basis. You can simply make an appointment with your GP, practice nurse, at your local pharmacy, as well as many of the locations listed below. Simply, search for blood pressure checks near me and you’ll come up with numerous options to monitor your blood pressure.

What Is Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure refers to how the blood circulates through the arteries. The heart pumps the blood through the veins and if they are clogged, the heart has to work harder – this is what causes high blood pressure. When referring to blood pressure, there are two types: hypotension and hypertension.

Where Can I Get My Blood Pressure Checked?

If you want to know where to get your blood pressure checked, check out the list below.

GP’s Practice

You can get your blood pressure checked with your GP or a practice nurse, however getting an appointment may take longer than you want, so there are other options where you can get it checked without having to wait.

Local Pharmacy

Drop in at your local pharmacy for a blood pressure checkno appointments are needed. You can also consult with the pharmacist about your results to get advice and recommendations.

NHS Appointments

The NHS offers blood pressure checks if you’re 40-74 years old. If you don’t get an invitation letter from your local surgery, you can call to arrange an appointment.

Mobile Apps

The newest way to get accurate blood pressure readings is by using mobile apps to check blood pressure online.

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