With over 1 million people traveling internationally each day, it’s important to know if your upcoming travel destination requires visitors to have specific vaccinations. Many countries will not require visitors to get vaccinations, but it’s in your best interest to protect yourself from life-threatening diseases that may be common in countries outside of the UK.

If you’re traveling abroad, be sure to include a visit to our Hodgson Pharmacy Travel Health Clinic for travel health advice, medication, and to get your travel vaccinations in Kent Longfield, Dartford, or Gravesend.

Some of the most popular travel destinations have a high risk for certain diseases. Here is a list of countries that are considered high-risk for diseases such as Yellow Fever, Malaria, Hepatitis A, Cholera, and others.

  • Central America – Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama
  • South America – Peru, Brazil, Ecuador
  • Africa – Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya
  • West Asia – Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey 
  • East Asia – India, Thailand, China

Why Visit a Travel Clinic

A Travel Vaccination Clinic expert can advise you on what travel vaccines you need for your trip, and how long in advance you need to get them. The preventative effects of a vaccine are not always immediate. There are some vaccines that require multiple doses spread out over a few weeks. To allow sufficient time for the vaccination protection you need, plan to visit a travel clinic at least eight weeks before you leave.

Visit Hodgson Pharmacy to get your travel vaccinations in Dartford, Gravesend, or Kent at Hodgson Pharmacy.

List of travel vaccines offered:

·         Covid-19

·         Cholera

·         Hepatitis A

·         Japanese Encephalitis

·         Polio

·         Rabies (pre- and post-exposure)

·         Typhoid

·         Hepatitis A & B Combination Vaccine

·         Yellow Fever

·         Flu

Depending on where you travel, it is helpful to bring medication to prevent travel-related illnesses, such as:

·         Dengue Fever Prevention

·         Malaria Prevention

·         Traveller’s Diarrhoea Prevention

·         Destination-Specific Medicine

·         Motion Sickness

·         Zika Virus

If you have travel vaccination or travel health question, get answers from our expert travel healthcare specialists today at Hodgson Pharmacy Travel Clinics across South London.

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