At Hodgson Pharmacy, we offer private blood testing in Bexley that includes Thyroid, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Iron, Liver Function, Kidney Function, and a full range of other general and specific blood tests.

We offer private blood testing in Bexley as well as our other Hodgson Pharmacy branches which include Kent, Medway, as well as other convenient South London locations. You will find that our prices for private blood testing in Bexley are very affordable and our services are top-notch. Not only can you get same-day appointments, but you can usually get results within 24 hours.No more long waits for NHS appointments or getting test results.

Private Blood Testing in Bexley Is Also Available for NHS Patients

Private blood testing in Bexley is open to NHS patients as well. If you have a prescription for a blood test from your GP, you can get your blood test at our location in Bexley, as well as other Hodgson Pharmacy branches. Once your blood sample has been taken, the results will be sent to your NHS healthcare provider. Your GP will discuss your results with you and follow up with treatment if needed.

Benefits of Private Blood Testing in Kent

Get private blood testing in Kent, Bexley, or Medway through Hodgson Pharmacy. We have a complete range of blood tests available privately that can be scheduled online at a convenient location near you.

If you are able to use private healthcare services from Hodgson Pharmacy for blood tests or any other healthcare needs, this can save you huge amounts of time….and, yes, even money. Choose an appointment time that works for you so you don’t have to miss work!

The primary benefits of private blood tests at Hodgson Pharmacy are:

·         Increased convenience.

·         Quick results.

·         Better privacy.

·         Reduces the burden on the NHS.

Are You Looking for Blood Testing in Medway? Visit Hodgson Pharmacy

Hodgson Pharmacy provides private blood testing in Medway, Bexley, and Kent for any type of blood test that you might need.Book your appointment today!