Having good health is the key to long-term happiness and looking after your health is the best way to do that. Getting regular blood tests can keep you in check with your overall health and identify any issues that need to be treated with medical attention or lifestyle changes. 

Private blood testing is a convenient, discreet, and affordable way to manage your health…. here’s why.


Better Privacy

Only private labs can provide a discreet setting for medical procedures. Scheduled appointments, the option of mobile pick up, and a less crowded environment can provide patients with more privacy.

Increased Convenience

Public NHS health services and institutions typically have specific hours of operation which may interfere with work schedules. If you go to a public clinic for blood testing, you may need to take time off and face long waiting times. Getting a private blood test at a pharmacy that accepts evening and weekend appointments gives you the convenience you need to save time and money.

Quicker Results

When it comes to your health, waiting for blood test results to arrive from a public clinic or lab can stress you out! A private lab can deliver your results in as little as 24 hours, giving you the necessary information quickly.

Relieves Burden on The Public Health System

The NHS public health system is overburdened which, in turn, results in long waits for healthcare services. If you have the means to take advantage of private health services, this can benefit you as well as the people who actually need public health services. Not only will you get more convenient and better care with private services, but you will also free up space and time for the NHS.

Private Blood Testing – Hodson Pharmacy

Since partnering with Medichecks, Hodgson Pharmacy is now able to offer a comprehensive range of services including blood testing in Dartford, Gravesend, and Longfield.  So, whether you want to optimise your health, check your risk of illness, or monitor a condition, we have the test for you. 

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