Ear wax is a vital part of ear health and has many important functions such as preventing ear infections. It’s natural for it to build up, and it usually falls out of the ears without assistance. In some cases, it can build up and get lodged deep inside your ear canal, causing hearing loss, vertigo, and ear pain.

If you are experiencing ear blockage, you shouldn’t attempt to remove ear wax build up at home. The inner ears are extremely delicate and can easily be damaged by inserting cotton swabs or other items inside to remove wax. Doing this can actually push it further into the ear drum and cause more problems.

Instead, you should consider getting ear wax removal in Kent from hearing specialists like those at Hodgson Pharmacy. They have expert solutions for safe and effective ear care. The most effective method for removing ear wax blockage is by ear microsuction, irrigation, or endoscopy. In just one office visit, you can count on getting immediate relief.

What Is the Purpose of Ear Wax?

Ear wax is a substance that your body produces naturally to prevent water, debris, and hair from entering the ear canal to prevent ear infections. In most cases, ear wax naturally falls out of the ear and doesn’t cause any complications. However, if ear wax accumulates and hardens it can cause a blockage in the ear canal and cause issues like vertigo, hearing loss, and earaches. If this happens, you should see a specialist to remove ear wax safely.

Symptoms of Earwax Build Up

The most common symptoms of ear wax blockageinclude:

·         Temporary hearing loss.

·         Ear pain.

·         A feeling of blocked ears.

·         Tinnitus or ringing in your ears.

·         Feeling dizzy.

·         Loss of balance.

·         Odour from the ears.

Why You Need to Remove Earwax Blockage

Ear wax build up (aka impaction) happens more often in people who wear hearing aids or earplugs, use earbuds, or produce more ear wax than the average person. If you don’t get it removed, impaction can cause a variety of issues that were mentioned above.

Safest Methods of Ear Wax Removal

When ear wax removal is done by a professional, it can be an effective and painless procedure that can take care of your problems in just one office visit. The most effective and popular techniques used by ear specialists to safely remove ear wax include ear irrigation, microsuction, and endoscopy.

Ear Syringing (Irrigation)

Ear irrigation is a simple procedure done by a specialist whereby a syringe filled with warm saline water solution gently sprays water at the sides of the ear canal to get behind the earwax blockage and essentially flushes it out of the ear.

Micro-Suction Ear Wax Removal

Microsuction is the safest method for ear wax removal. It can also be performed by a healthcare provider or at a pharmacy, such as ours. During the procedure, a suction probe is used to vacuum out excess ear wax. Unlike ear syringing (or irrigation), the microsuction technique is “dry”, not wet, which greatly decreases the risk of damaging the eardrum or causing infection.

Endoscopic Ear Wax Removal

It is an alternative method to remove ear wax. It is quicker and easier to perform than ear irrigation.

Ear Wax Removal Bonus Tip: Use Over-the-Counter Ear Wax Softener

A few days before you go in for your procedure, start using an OTC ear wax softener or drops such as Debrox, Murine, or other popular brands to soften ear wax to make ear wax removal easier. You can purchase these online or in-store at Hodgson Pharmacy.

Ear Wax Removal in Dartford at Hodgson Pharmacy

If you’re suffering from problems related to ear wax build up, contact Hodgson Pharmacy to discuss our ear wax removal service in Longfield, Gravesend, and Bexley. Click here to schedule your appointment for ear wax removal in Medway online.