Blood tests are probably the most common diagnostic tool used for medical purposes done as a part of a normal routine health check-up or to detect conditions that are causing health issues for the individual.

Blood tests are very effective for detecting health issues as well as monitoring and managing your health when it comes to diabetes, cholesterol levels, and more.

To make sure that you get the most accurate results from your blood test, here are four things you must know before taking a blood test.    

Fast before the blood tests

A full stomach often leads to skewed or inaccurate results. Doctors typically recommend 8 hours of fasting before the blood test is done. During the fasting period, patients should remain well-hydrated and avoid excessive stress if possible.

Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water allows for a smoother blood draw by allowing the veins to plump up and therefore making it easier for the technician to locate good veins and draw blood with minimum pain.

Choose a professional lab

Medical technicians or phlebotomists who are trained to draw blood from patients play a significant role in making the overall experience better for the patient.

A little bruising is normal

Very mild bruising and swelling around the puncture area are normal for all patients and will likely disappear in one to two days.

Do I have to be sick to have a blood test?

Blood tests are a valuable tool when it comes to diagnosing a condition or investigating symptoms. However, you don’t have to be sick to benefit from a blood test.

 Nowadays, many people are using blood tests as a preventative healthcare tool by identifying health risks early on that can be managed through lifestyle changes before they develop into illnesses.

 Other reasons why people have blood tests include:

  • To investigate a family history
  • To understand their health risks
  • To optimize their nutrition
  • To optimize their sports performance
  • To understand their fertility
  • For occupational reasons (immunity tests and exposure to work-related toxins)

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