Protecting your health should be your number one priority, especially if you are visiting high-risk areas where diseases where it’s still possible to get Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Malaria, and Hepatitis.

If you’re headed abroad, be sure to include a visit to our Hodgson Pharmacy Travel Clinic to get vaccinations, medicine, and health-related travel advice. Come in for a consultation at least 6 weeks before leaving to allow enough time for multiple vaccinations (if needed).

Travel clinics offer a wide range of benefits for travellers which range from getting travel advice, medication, and preventing illness. Weare your one-stop shop to get everything you need to stay healthy and safe while travelling.

Benefits of Visiting a London Travel Clinic

A travel vaccine clinic can provide:

·         Advice on how to prevent traveller sickness and traveller diarrhoea

·         Hygiene tips for travelling

·         Routine and travel vaccinations

·         Antimalarial medication

·         Medication that’s tailored to any health condition

·         Up to date information on global travel health advisories

Travelling abroad is a great way to discover new cultures, cuisines, and cities, so careful preparation and planning can almost guarantee a healthy holiday.

What Vaccinations Are Available at Hodgson Travel Clinic?

·         Covid-19

·         Cholera

·         Hepatitis A

·         Japanese Encephalitis

·         Polio

·         Rabies (pre- and post-exposure)

·         Typhoid

·         Hepatitis A & B Combination Vaccine

·         Yellow Fever

·         Flu

·         Diphtheria Tetanus/Polio                    

·         Rabies

·         Meningitis ACWY         

·         Tick Borne

Not all international destinations are considered high-risk for some of the diseases listed. However, if you are travelling to any of the countries below, consult with a travel health expert to get a list of the recommended vaccines and medications needed.

High-risk countries include:

  • Central America – Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama
  • South America – Peru, Brazil, Ecuador
  • Africa – Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya
  • Asia – India, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Iran, China, Turkey

Visiting a Travel Clinic just like ours before your next trip abroad is a great way to ensure that you are protected from dangerous diseases.  You don’t illness of any type to ruin your trip!

Don’t wait until the last minute, schedule your travel clinic appointment with us today.