For healthy individuals, eating a well-rounded, nutrient-rich diet should provide all the B12 their body needs.

However, some people are prone to Vitamin B12 deficiencies. For example, individuals using medications that affect Vitamin B12 absorption, vegans, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and anyone with a condition that increases the need for Vitamin B12 should speak with their doctor about getting a vitamin B12 injection.

Vitamin B12 shots can help with energy levels, brain function, boosting mood, improving metabolism, and weight loss.

Hodgson Pharmacy has numerous locations in South London that provide Vitamin B12 Injection Services for those who are suffering from deficiency or are looking to improve their overall health.

Drop in today for your vitamin b12 injection in Kent, Bexley, or any of our other convenient locations.

This article will discuss the different benefits of Vitamin B12 injections as well as where and how to get one.

Vitamin B12 Injection Uses

Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin that plays a vital role in brain function and the production of DNA and red blood cells. Vitamin B12 deficiency left untreated can lead to pernicious anaemia or neurological problems. Low B12 in the body is also associated with chronic fatigue, weakness, and poor energy levels.

Vitamin B12 injections are the most common way to treat or prevent the B12 deficiency. The injections are doctor prescribed and administered into the muscle. You can also visit Hodgson Pharmacy for Vitamin B12 Injection Services in Bexley or at our other London locations nearest you.

Vitamin B12 Injection Benefits

·           Boosts metabolism

·           Prevents anaemia

·           Improves brain health

·           Prevents depression

·           Prevents osteoporosis

·           Promotes healthy hair, nails, and skin

·           Prevents macular degeneration

·           Boosts energy levels

Ways to include Vitamin B12 in your diet

The best dietary sources of vitamin B12 include:

·           Red meat

·           Poultry

·           Seafood

·           Fortified cereals

·           Nutritional yeast

·           Eggs

·           Milk

Vitamin B12 injections can offer many benefits for your overall health. At Hodgson Pharmacy, we make it convenient for you to get your vitamin B12 at multiple locations in South London. Drop in today and our friendly clinicians can administer the injection and answer any health-related questions you may have.