Earwax is a natural ear cleaner, it expels dirt, debris, and dead skin cells in the ear canal that get caught by earwax. Having some earwax is actually necessary for good ear health. Recent studies have even shown that earwax contains antifungal and antibacterial properties which can help to prevent infections.

However, sometimes earwax builds up and hardens which causes a blockage in the ear canal. This can lead to problems such as temporary hearing loss, vertigo, earache, and ear infections.

If you suspect that your ear has become blocked by wax buildup, microsuction ear wax removal is the safest and most effective method for ear wax removal. Hodgson Pharmacy offers professional ear wax removal service in Gravesend as well as in the neighbouring areas of Kent, Dartford, Longfield, Bexley, and Medway.

What is Microsuction Earwax Removal?

Microsuction earwax removal is widely regarded as the safest and gentlest method of earwax removal. During the treatment, the ear specialist uses a small suction device that gently suctions out excess ear wax. A binocular microscope is also used to give a really clear view of the ear canal, making it easier to safely remove ear wax with low-pressure suction.

The symptoms that were bothering you should clear up quickly after the procedure, including hearing loss. You might feel a little dizzy after the procedure, but this will go away once your ears adjust.

Signs That You May Need Ear Wax Removal

Sudden hearing loss with no obvious cause can sometimes be caused by a blockage of excess ear wax that has hardened in the ear canal. This blockage can make it harder to hear and sounds may appear more muffled than usual.

Other symptoms of excessive earwax are:

·         Ear pain

·         Dizziness

·         Ear discharge

·         Balance issues

·         Ear infection

·         Dizziness

·         Ringing in the ears

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