Are you ready for your international holiday? If you’re reading this article, you probably have your flight booked and have scheduled time off from work, so now is the perfect time to schedule an appointment at the Hodgson Pharmacy Travel Clinic in Bexley if you live or work in the area. Before travelling abroad, you’ll want to know whether there are any health risks at your destination and determine if you need any vaccinations prior to your departure.

If you’re looking for a travel clinic in Bexley or in the greater South London area, Hodgson Pharmacy Travel Clinic has multiple conveniently located branches in London.

What Services Does the Hodgson Pharmacy Travel Clinic in Bexley Provide?

Before your next big adventure, book an appointment at our state-of-the-art travel clinic in Bexley. Hodgson Pharmacy isn’t just dedicated to keeping you healthy at home but is also focused on keeping you healthy abroad. Our travel clinic is staffed by industry experts who will provide you with all the information, travel vaccinations, and medication you’ll need to stay safe on your trip. Even if you’re travelling last minute, our conveniently located travel clinics in Bexley and throughout South London can accommodate your needs.

Get Your Travel Vaccinations in Bexley at Hodgson Pharmacy

If you are travelling to a country that is considered high-risk for certain diseases such as Yellow Fever, Malaria, Typhoid, Hepatitis, etc., the smartest thing you can do to protect yourself and guarantee a disease-free adventure is to consult with a travel health specialist at Hodgson Pharmacy Travel Clinics in Bexley. If you are need of travel vaccinations or medication for your travels, you can get your travel vaccinations in Bexley as well as in Kent, Medway and our other South London branches.

Hodgson Pharmacy Travel Clinics – Kent, Bexley, and Medway

Visit our Hodgson Pharmacy Travel Clinic in Kent, Bexley, or Medway at least 2 months before you leave if you are travelling to a high-risk country where yellow fever, malaria, hepatitis, or other life-threatening diseases are more prevalent. Some vaccinations require multiple doses and take time.