Regular blood tests are a crucial way to monitor your overall physical health and detect any health issues related to illness. These tests can give you the information you need to make informed health decisions and track how your body changes over time.

Getting a blood test is made even easier when you opt for a private blood test at Hodgson Pharmacy. No more long waits to get an appointment and the results of your free NHS blood test. Private blood tests are an affordable way to get quick and accurate results of your blood.

Here are a some of the key reasons why you should take a private blood test.

The Benefits of Booking a Private Blood Test

Quick results

Feelings of anxiousness can arise while waiting for several days for a public lab or clinic to give your blood test results. A private blood test can deliver your results in as little as 24 hours, giving you the information you need and removing those feelings of anxiety.

Increased convenience

Public institutions such as a hospital or your GP surgery typically have specific hours (usually inconvenient hours) when you can do a blood test. You may need to take time off work and face long lines, wasting both time and (earned) money.

On the flip side, getting a private blood test is easy. Most places accept appointments when it’s convenient for you and are open on weekends. Therefore, a quick and easy blood test can even fit the busiest schedules. Consider going private if time is something valuable to you.

Better privacy

Getting a private blood test can provide a more discreet experience. Scheduled visits and a quieter setting provide increased discretion.

No burden on the public health system

Another important reason in favour of going private is that it reduces pressure on the public health system. You can get better healthcare by using private services, thus freeing up the public health system for the people who actually need it.

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