More than half of the individuals in the UK take some form of dietary supplement for their overall health. Taking vitamin supplements is nothing new and something everyone should consider for improving health and one’s overall well-being.

However, few people realize that Vitamin B12 deficiency has become a silent epidemic. Some commonly mentioned side effects include low energy, fatigue, and dizziness. Other symptoms can be insomnia, depression, or even more serious health conditions, such as anaemia.

The good news is that a Vitamin B12 Injection can quickly remedy your low levels of vitamin B12 and get you to a healthy level to improve your health and boost your immunity system.

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Facts About Vitamin B12

As vitamin B12 deficiency can manifest in a variety of different ways, here are some important facts that may surprise you about the importance of vitamin B12 for your body.

1. There are only a few natural B12-rich food sources (dairy products, eggs, meat, poultry, and fish. But overall, there are a limited variety of dietary foods with B12.

2. Vegetarians and vegans are at high risk for vitamin B12 deficiency

3. Older adults need B12 supplements

4. With age, not only do we need more B12, but it also can become harder to absorb.

4. Vitamin B12 is only stored in your body for a short period of time

5. B12 is critical for replenishing your DNA and Red Blood Cells

6. Heavy drinking and long-term use of acid-reducing medications also can inhibit the absorbency of vitamin B12.

.Vitamin B12 Injection Benefits

·         Improved functioning of the nervous system and brain

·         Clears up “cloudy” thinking

·         Anaemia prevention by improved formation of red blood cells

·         Helps regulate and create DNA

·         Prevents congenital abnormalities

·         Reduces macular degeneration

·         Improves energy levels

Vitamin B12 Injection Uses

If your GP has diagnosed you with Vitamin B12 deficiency, you can get a vitamin B12 injection prescription. However, vitamin B12 deficiency is rare in most healthy adults because the human liver stores vitamin B12 over time.

Vitamin B12 injections can significantly benefit your energy levels and boost your immunity system. And the best part? You can have these injections carried out at your neighbourhood Hodgson Pharmacy throughout South London. Visit Miles Pharmacy for Vitamin B12 Injection Services in Kent and Bexley.